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2016 Survey Overview

Posted: November 15, 2016 at 11:31 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

We hear you and we’re on it! We surveyed our members and here’s what they said:





We heard from members that they felt:

  • Event notifications are often too last minute
  • Use of Eventbrite is great
  • There needs to be more outreach to diverse communities
  • People don’t hear about events
  • Communications are too formal 

We’re working to improve communications by:

  • Shifting to a bi-weekly newsletter instead of monthly
  • Asking directors to post events one month to no less than two weeks in advance
  • Where appropriate, instead of just posting events to our website, Twitter and Facebook also sharing them on LinkedIn.
  • Working with Directors to create outreach lists that also include engaging with contacts from diverse communities
  • Making the tone of our social media more conversational
  • Continuing to make increasing use of Eventbrite




We heard from members that they:

  • Like networking opportunities
  • Like professional development opportunities
  • Look to Fusion to stay informed about what’s going on in Halifax

We’re working to:

  • Continue offering high-quality, affordable professional development sessions and the Atlantic Leadership Forum
  • Continue to offer successful networking opportunities like Business Over Beers and Speed Networking
  • Seek new ways to create additional networking opportunities due to the high interest
  • Start offering social events such as our first fun-focused event at Pong Social Club
  • Post more volunteer roles on our website and in our newsletter
  • Continue to host our annual Open House in January to share volunteer opportunities




We heard from members that they:

  • Are new members
  • Think action team meetings were not run effectively
  • Are already engaged and so they don’t think anything else needs to be done
  • Feel better communication with new volunteers is needed
  • Were involved with Fusion but became disengaged
  • Want to see more diverse people involved
  • Think Fusion should survey its members

We’re working to:

  • Prioritize member engagement as a key focus for the 2016/17 board year
  • Increase diversity by engaging with people from diverse communities and maintaining a diverse Board of Directors
  • Increase communications with members by shifting to a bi-weekly newsletter and adding LinkedIn to our communication mix
  • Post more volunteer roles on the Fusion website and social media channels
  • Send all new members an introductory email with volunteer information
  • Do more surveys like this one and get formal feedback from major events
  • Provide training to the board to help them lead action teams more efficiently