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Let’s keep the focus on youth retention

Posted: February 15, 2017 at 1:47 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Later today, Halifax City Hall will be considering a 25 per cent cut to their “Bridging the Gap” internship program.

Fusion Halifax believes that now is not the time for our city to be scaling back programs dedicated to employing recent graduates.

For the first time in five years we’ve seen our youth outmigration decrease from 1300 per year to 1000 per year, which shows that we’re beginning to see all efforts by our public and private sectors to provide work experience for recent grads start to pay off.

We love that our city and province have not only taken the lead with programs like Bridging the Gap and Graduate to Opportunity but they have leveraged them to push the private sector to follow suit.

We know that every program has a cost but we believe the long-term effects of outmigration far out-weigh what a 25 per cent reduction to Bridging the Gap would save the city in the short-term.

With an uptake in young people making Halifax their home, now is when we need be investing more time and resources into our young workforce, rather than reallocating those resources elsewhere.

“This program is needed and it’s working – I know a few people who credit the Bridging the Gap program with launching their career here in Halifax,” says Fusion Halifax Chair, Sasha Sears. “Despite the small decrease in youth outmigration, we need to keep talent retention focused at the forefront.  As our city continues to grow we need to turn outmigration to a negative number to ensure our economy can not only sustain but continue to grow and prosper.”

We hope that the city council will reconsider scaling back their successful internship program and look to 2017 as an opportunity to collaborate further with all the amazing organizations and programs we have working to provide young people with opportunities that enable them to call Halifax home.


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