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HALIFAX, N.S. (December 10, 2018) – At its Annual General Meeting last month, Fusion Halifax announced its 2018-2019 Board of Directors. Chaired by Leanne Tremblay, the Board of Directors will continue Fusion Halifax’s efforts to help its members connect, grow and thrive within their city.

The 2017-18 board went through a restructuring process to redefine Fusion Halifax’s purpose and to find ways to better serve its members. By moving away from industry-specific directors to directors of programming, directors and members alike will have more opportunities to gain experience in many different areas and work on multiple types of projects.


We’re excited to announce our new Board of Directors…

The 2017-2018 Board of Directors, as elected by Fusion Halifax:

Leanne Tremblay – Chair

Jackie Nguyen – Vice Chair

Mahbubur Rahman – Treasurer

Sara Espinal Henao – Corporate Secretary and Legal Counsel

Lindsey McIntyre – Director, Marketing & Communications

Devon Reynolds – Director, Member Relations

Akash Pandey – Director, Diversity & Inclusion

Jack Dallaire – Director, Development

Corinne Abraham – Director of Programming

Cory Porteous – Director of Programming

Kathryn Piche – Director of Programming

Emily Seaman – Director of Programming

Rohan Narang – Director, Programming

Lydia Phillip – Director, Programming

Alexa Reedman – Director, Programming


For more information please contact:

Lindsey McIntyre

Director of Marketing and Communications, Fusion Halifax


Fusion Halifax is a non-profit organization that challenges young professionals in Halifax to think forward and take charge of their city’s future.