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10th Anniversary

Ten Profiles for Fusion’s 10th Year: #6 – Nicole Tufts

Posted: September 9, 2017 at 4:50 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

A Q&A with Nicole Tufts

Nicole Tufts is the co-owner of RIOTSnack Bar. RIOT believes that restaurants can truly empower the communities they currently underserve, and in nourishing people with real food while supporting the local economy. Nicole has worked with Fusion’s Sustainability Action Committee. We wanted to get her perspective on Fusion’s impact and future.

Q: What’s been your involvement with Fusion in the past?

I have worked with Fusion in creating several workshops on using waste products and creating beautiful meals out of normally wasted foods and scraps.

Q: What would you say Fusion’s impact on that issue has been? 

Fusion’s impact has brought people’s awareness to the idea that we rarely think about the amount we consume and or waste in our daily lives. Putting these workshops together helps people build a closer relationship with their food and how they use it.

Q: How would you describe Fusion’s impact on our city in our first 10 years?

Fusion is an organization that has a huge community impact from helping the sometimes dizzying world of the new entrepreneur, to community outreach and even food waste. Halifax has really benefited in a huge way from having an organization like Fusion!

Q: What challenges do you think our community will face in the next 10 years? How should we react to those challenges? 

The challenges of the future as seen from my eyes will be taking what was a tiny city with a relatively loose density to one that seems to be densifying and growing at a fast rate now. With every level of growth I think that the landscape and challenges ahead are going to be numerous and it helps to have a community of inspired and connected people looking out for those bumps ahead. I also see a need to be aware of the impact of this growth on at-risk populations. Food security is already a big issue here and with areas quickly gentrifying around these at-risk populations, I think the city is going to need voices to stand up and make sure that these communities get the support they need.

Q: What role do you think Fusion can play in our community’s future?

I hope to see Fusion continue to grow and continue to do the work they’ve set out to do.