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10th Anniversary

Ten Profiles for Fusion’s 10th Year: #7 – Joel Muise

Posted: September 27, 2017 at 1:24 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Joel Muise

What do you do when your personal blog post gets read by over 4000 people? You start a business. At least that’s what Joel Muise decided to do.

“I’d just created the blog post to share my personal struggle with mental illness and to raise awareness,” says Muise. “People started reaching out to me and sharing their stories”

But the post wasn’t just about his personal struggle. “The system is broken. Right now in Sydney, people have to wait 383 days to see a mental health care professional in the public sector,” says Muise. “Writing the blog sparked something in me, and I thought I could do something to help.”

Muise started Tranquility Online and the Tranquility Vlog. This online tool uses coaches and web support groups paired with cognitive behavioural therapy to help people with anxiety.

Having coaches as part of this online service circles back to Muise’s own professional experiences with mentors.

“I still credit my mentor as the person who got me my first job as a stock analyst” says Muise.

Having moved from Yarmouth to Halifax to attend Saint Mary’s, Muise heard about an event where young people could get involved with non-profit organizations as members of their board.

“Luckily, I sat down at the Fusion table,” says Muise. “They told me about People Factor and I knew I wanted to get involved.”

Muise served as the associate director of People Factor for a number of years, and has been an active member of Fusion Halifax.

“Fusion Halifax has been a positive and huge part of my post-university experience,” says Muise.

As Muise looks to the next ten years for his business as well as for Fusion Halifax, he has some advice. “Be creative, be inventive, and continue to make Halifax a great place to live, work and play.”